Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making My Dad Proud

I grew up the child of two extremely different people. While my mom took us to church and taught us to enjoy musicals, my dad showed us movies we were not mature enough to see and put a rock and roll soundtrack to our lives. I'm pretty sure that my dad loved ZZ Top for the beards as much as the music. He referred to himself as the bearded wonder, but he also loved to dress up and strut his stuff. I think that I knew the words to Sharp Dressed Man before I knew what a sharped dressed man was. I'm pretty sure that my dad would be proud of the "fruit of his loins'"children, and I make a promise to my boys to NEVER refer to them as the fruit of my loins - especially in front of their friends. So here are my three sharp dressed men showing off their Easter duds & what lies beneath.
Michael knows that every top hat needs a necklace or two to balance things out.
James protests his mother's desire to chronicle this sharp dressed moment.
Ryan knows that the truly mysterious never show their eyes, much to the chagrin of his mother.
Fancy cowboy astride his horse.
Two tiny mobsters hanging out at the ice cream shop.
Michael LOVES this hat. He wears it all the time now, and he likes for his brothers to wear their hats, too.
James gives us his best Frank Sinatra impersonation.
Ryan knows how to rock the beads even while taking a break in his chair.
Post picture time, Michael relaxes in the train table. He looks so long here. Everywhere we go, people ask me how old they are and are always surprised that my little men are not even two yet.
James is excited to slide in the nude. I bet that diaper has good sliding potential - not much traction.
Ryan attempts a trick. Thankfully, he decided to turn around prior to going down the slide. He definitely has no fear of cracking his head open unlike his mother.
Godzilla (I mean James) takes a tour of train town.
How many kids will one train table hold?
Michael takes a reading break. The kids still love to read, but now they like to read to themselves more than they like me to read to them. Usually I get a couple of pages in before they take over.

Ryan takes a spin in the train table just so he can keep up with his brothers. I don't think Ryan found the train table a very comfortable seat.

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