Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Animals at the Zoo

When Cousin Alie came for a visit, we all went to the Fort Worth Zoo. We had a wonderful time despite the fact that poor Loribeth was a little under the weather and spent a great deal of the morning in the car. It was hot, but there were lots of animals out and about eating since we got there early.
The whole gang paused for a picture in front of the elephant. This time, we travelled with the double stroller, and it seemed to work well.
Joseph poses for a photo op while Ryan can't be bothered to quit looking at the animals.
Grandma admires the animals with Michael and James.
Amy & Alie talk to the rhino.
Ryan loved looking at all the animals and kept asking "what is it?" Grandma & Grandpa Newhouse got the boys some little people zoo animals for Easter, so most of the animals we saw were in our play set.
Ryan and James take up their posts in the stroller as we move on from the rhino to the elephants. The elephants weren't quite as cooperative and were much harder to see.
Uncle Joseph has ALWAYS adored tigers, and he has been teaching the boys to roar like a tiger and to appreciate all things tiger. He was very pleased that the white tiger was pacing in front of the window, and all of the kids were quite taken with him.
Another animal that goes ROAR! The lion is lazing on top of the rocks in the middle of the people.
Last time Bob and I took the boys to the zoo together (about a year ago), we went into the bird house and it was pretty much mass chaos. We went in this time and it was really neat. I considered buying food sticks for the boys to lure the birds in with, but decided that the safety of the parakeets was much more important than the photo op of bird feeding.
Alie takes up her post in the double stroller. Michael shows off his balancing skills to impress her.
Alie loved the penguins. She admired them for quite a while.
Michael also loves penguins. He really enjoyed watching the ones swim indoors.
Cousins! James and Alie decided to swap seats. Ryan really wanted to push, and Michael wanted nothing to do with any strollers.
I find it excessively entertaining to see how nicely James sat in Alie's stroller. His best pusher is still in position.
Trying to put all the kids on the horse and buggy before we realized that no one carries change anymore.
James is willing to let Ryan take the pony out for a trot while he rides shotgun. I'm pretty sure by now Michael was at the top of the exhibit hanging out on a bale of hay.
We walked so far in the heat, that all of us were more than happy to shell out the two bucks to ride the choo choo. This made my boys very happy as they love all things train - especially Ryan.
Michael rode in the front of the car with Aunt Karen and I while the rest of the gang rode behind us. It's not so easy to take pictures with everyone in such close proximity.
Ryan and Uncle Joseph make the choo choo sound. Not only was the train a break for our tired tootsies, we also passed out some snacks before we hit the parking lot for our PB&J lunch.

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  1. Those pics are so cute. We should really get Emmie to help us again with the boys. It was a lot of fun.