Monday, May 3, 2010

Scarface and His Henchmen

Last week, Mom & Grandma went on a cruise and Bob had meetings in Utah. In order to maintain my sanity, Bob and I called in Grandma Newhouse. We had a lovely time with her. The boys were so happy to have her in town to play with. I think that Grandma Kathy had no idea how much more active her little men had gotten since Christmas. They are everywhere, all the time.
One of their most recent tricks is to stalk you for food. Don't eat in front of the Newhouse Boys without planning to share. Daddy's cheez-its are no exception. Another obsession is Daddy's hat. For weeks, Bob's hat has been hanging on the back of one of the barstools. James, in particular, has been obsessed. He stretches and strains to get the hat.
On Thursday night, Grandma Kathy watched the boys while Mommy went to visit her good friends from Sam Houston. Poor Grandma had to go to the potty, and unlike when I head to the throne room, no entourage followed. Apparently, James, Michael, and Ryan all were hanging on the stool attempting to acquire the coveted prize.
The monkeys managed to pull the entire chair over and in the process, James got the hat and a pretty impressive scratch on his face. It's getting better every single day, and I don't think it will leave a scar, but poor Grandma Kathy feels horrible. I say it builds character and gives us a story.
"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"
Michael, kicked back getting his bottle held by Grandma. Life is good.
Window watcher. Ryan loves to see what's going on in the outside world with the added bonus of trying to climb up on the windowsills.
The Rascal James.
Michael makes a quick stop in the jumper. He loves to jump, but he's not so keen on the restraint.
Ryan plotting his next feat of greatness. What next? Stairs? Dog water? Daddy's office?

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