Friday, May 14, 2010

Lookin' Out My Front Door

Lately, the boys have been very interested in what is going on outside our four walls. Tragically, except for the occasional grocery outing or restaurant, we don't leave the house much. Just the thought of loading them into the car sends shivers down my spine - especially since we have the new seats, and you have to bribe them with animal crackers to stay still while you buckle them in. Their favorite hang outs are looking through the glass doors we have on our front and back doors. They especially love looking out the back door when Duke is outside. They jockey for position, and the other day, I caught James and Michael trying to shut Ryan in between the glass door and the back door (when I fussed at them, they gave me those innocent angel smiles, but I'm pretty sure they knew what they were doing as poor Ryan howled in protest).
James takes Momo for a ride. "This is how you make this chair rock, Momo. Do it like I am."
Michael is happy to have James for a resting spot. "It gets so tiring standing here, let me just lean on your shoulder for some support."
Michael takes command of the rocking chair. He knows that chairs are for sitting in (or at least he's humoring mommy for a minute or two before he does a swan dive off said chair).
This pose makes me think of those movies when prisoners are behind glass, and they touch the glass to make contact with their visitor. Either that or they are at a Sting concert singing along to "Free, free, set them free."
Ryan likes to bang on glass - be it door or table top, the resounding noise of flesh hitting glass is quite fantastic in his opinion.
Alright boys, put your hands up and spread 'em.

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