Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saturday In The Park

The Baylor NICU Reunion was a great time. Although we'd only recently departed the NICU, it was great to see the nurses. We were hoping to see some of the families we remembered from the hospital but didn't see anyone who spent their days at the NICU at the same time as we did. It was a pretty rainy day, but it didn't dampen the spirits of all those toddlers who wanted to play in the sand.
I dressed the boys in their jeans and AC/DC shirts, and since it was raining, I pulled out the cute little jean hats that Cheryl and Dennis gave us. The boys looked smashing in their hats. Since the NICU reunion was during feeding time, Bob, Faith, and I spent most of our time feeding the boys. While we were there, we had a family picture taken and turned into a button (one for each boy). The picture was great - all of the boys were actually looking at the camera.
We enjoyed seeing all of the multiples who rolled through - it was a stroller-palooza around that place. We didn't see any other triplets, but we did meet a grandma of a NICU patient who was the mom of 32 year old triplets. It was really cool to talk to her, and her son (who is a triplet) seemed very nice. I would have love to ask him if he referred to his siblings as his triplets. Lately, I've been obsessed with wondering how the boys will refer to each other. Twins usually call each other "my twin" rather than my brother or sister, and I've never heard anyone say "my triplet." Of course the only triplets I know are our boys.
Faith has been staying with us, and she decided to come along to help. She did a great job, and she even rode the tiny (and apparently very bumpy) train with each of the boys. I think by the time she got off of the train her posterior had been beaten to a pulp, but if you do it for one kid, you do if for everyone. Overall, we had a fantastic time despite the rain, and we are looking forward to next year's reunion.
James takes a cat nap in his hat.
Mikey and Dad video chat with Grandma & Grandpa Newhouse before we leave for the reunion.
Aunt Faith and Ryan - a cute combo.

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