Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jump, Talk. Smile, Scream

On Monday, we went to the doctor, and the boys are all doing fantastic. Dr. G is really impressed at how far they've come in such a short time. She told us they've definitely caught up, and that Ryan is the size of a six month old baby at 26.5 inches and 18 lbs. Mikey is solidly in the middle at 25.5 inches and 17 lbs. James, as usual, brings up the rear at 24.2 inches and 16 lbs. They are all growing so fast, and they are really getting very active.

Ryan is definitely playing with toys now. Tonight, he spent at least 10 minutes trying to capture the bunny hanging down on his chair. He's jumping around like a drunken pirate in the jumparoo and is having a fantastic time, although I can never seem to capture the joyous moments on film. Apparently when the camera comes out, the serious faces descend.

James is still giving us lots of vocal disagreement at various times. Today, he must have screamed for half an hour. Even after Bob changed his pants, he was still grumpy. He finally fell asleep on my lap, but he had to be in a specific position. He must be Bob's child because he is happiest early in the morning. He loves to talk to his toys and smiles up a storm.

Mikey, also known as Kicky McSmiley, is definitely our smiliest boy (although Ryan is starting to give him a run for his money). He has these great dimples and when he's happy he also opens his mouth as wide as he can and just grins. It's very fun to watch. Here he is demonstrating those great dimples.

Recently, our suburban has developed a strange knocking sound, and we've had to put it in the shop. We're still waiting to hear how damaging this little trip to the shop will be to our pocketbooks, but while we wait, we've moved the car seats into the Camry. It's a tight fit, but I'm pretty sure those car seats aren't going anywhere. Since the Camry is so much smaller, the boys screaming is much louder. Here's what happens when we stop at red lights.

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