Sunday, October 25, 2009

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

It's official. We have turned our kids into giant nerds before they are six months old. On Monday, we got an email from the Cowboys for 8 free tickets to Star Wars in Concert. Bob had wanted to go when he first heard about it, but for obvious reasons, we decided to pass on $75 seats. When the offer for free tickets came, we realized that with 8 seats, we could bring the boys and have plenty of room to spread out. Mom and Faith decided it sounded like a fun evening, so the whole clan packed up and headed for Arlington. The concert was fun, but perhaps the biggest thing I didn't factor in was that we were a bigger spectacle than the orchestra. Poor Bob can't stand all the looks and whispers. I, personally, try to ignore them as much as possible, but we'd never put the boys "on show" as much as they were on Friday. The triplet stroller doesn't scream subtlety. The concert was nice, and the big screen was very impressive. We tried to check out the exhibits, but it was so packed that we only made it through the section with the fake Princess Leia. She graciously posed for a picture with the boys - giant buns and all.
The boys are enthralled by Jerry's big TV.

Mikey watching the big screen.
James takes it all in.
Ryan enjoying a comfy seat with Grandma.
Dad does double duty while Mom & Aunt Faith go for soda.
Grandma doing what she does best - talking on the phone.
Faith at the exhibits.
The whole clan in Jerry World.

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  1. What fun! Good for yall for getting out and ignoring the whispers. I think it is fantastic that you all are doing so much with the 3 boys, despite everyone that tells pregnant parents "your life changes when you have won't be able to do THAT when you have kids". Yes, it does indeed change, but that doesn't mean you have to live in a hole. Hope you are well. Now I'm going to tell my gaysfantasy.blogspot friends to stalk your website instead of stalking is way cooler. thanks for the heads on that one:)