Monday, January 19, 2009

Our First Big Hurdle

After our appointment on December 15th, we decided it was time to let people know. The doctor gave us the clearance but he suggested we don't say too much about there being 3. The disappearing embryo was a possibility and we learned later, it was one the doctor was hoping for.

Triplet pregnancies are high risk and he would prefer if he didn't have to deal with it was the feeling I got. He's excited for us and thinks we will be fine but you can see it on his face that he would have preferred two instead of 3.

So, we told people we work with and made sure everyone was aware that by our next appointment on January 8th, we may not be having triplets.

My parents came in for Christmas and we had a great time being with them. I had put some shackles on my mom telling her no baby stuff for Christmas. I worry by nature, it's what I do and I just didn't want people buying her 3 of something and then 2 weeks later we get told there wouldn't be 3.

Plus, I had bought her a few cool baby outfits and I didn't want anyone stealing my thunder on Christmas day. I mean, what baby can live without an AC/DC crawler thing? Oh and this one:

The thing is, when I bought that stuff, I didn't know we were having triplets yet. Anyway, we got past Christmas and I couldn't hold my mom or her parents back anymore. My mom got some baby outfits for her birthday on the 30th and her parents got us some triplet books.

We finally made it to the appointment on the 8th. I had tried to maintain an attitude of if there are only 2, then that's ok. That would be God's plan and I can live with that. I kept trying to not think about the fact that 2 might be easier mentally and financially but I'd be lying if I said that wasn't literally keeping me up nights.

Angela on the other hand had wrapped her head around 3 and I knew she'd be devastated if we had lost one. I kept thinking if we were going to lose one, I'd prefer it happen now rather than later.

Once the doc came in he took out his sperlunking hat, turned on the light and said all 3 were still there. Like I mentioned, he was a little disappointed but told us everything looked good.

Before he said anything, I could see the screen but Angela couldn't. I only saw two blobs that looked like babies to me. My heart sunk. I thought oh no, Angela's going to be a mess. Then he announced we were good and I realized I have no clue what is going on in those sonogram shots.

Our next appointment is on Feb 4th which will be week #14. He wants us to get to 34 weeks. If we can get that far, then things will be as good as they can get. He'll perform a c-section and Angela will be in the hospital for a few days. If the babies need a NICU, then they will be moved to another hospital.

He said that may be tough on Angela but it's the only option if we want to continue with him as our doctor. His hospital does not have a NICU. Angela really likes Dr. Snead and his staff so we decide to stay with him knowing full well he may not be with us at the end. If we don't make 34 weeks, he won't be able to help us.

At our next appointment he will assign us a multiple specialist and we will begin seeing both doctors as we get to the scary stage. If we can keep Angela rested and in good health we should be ok but as he keeps reminding us, there is a good possibility she will be put on bed rest.

So far we are doing pretty well. Angela is real tired but she feels fine. Everything we read says a lot of moms of triplets don't feel this well at this point. So, we are thankful for that and hope it stays that way for as long as possible.

We are walking as often as we can in this crazy DFW winter weather. Both Angela and I could use losing a lot of pounds and the doctor doesn't want her gaining much weight during the pregnancy. 5 to 10 pounds actually. Which with triplets, I think that will be a trick. So, we are trying to eat better and like I said, we are trying to walk enough to keep the weight down as reasonably as possible.

So far she's lost 10 pounds since our first appointment in December. I can't really say the same. I forgot to ask the doctor how much weight I can gain.

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