Friday, January 23, 2009

For Those About to Rock!!!

Recently, Bob and I watched an episode of Gary Unmarried in which Gary and his ex fight over which concert would be the first concert their children saw.  We laughed and realized this might become an issue in our world in a few years...I'm sure that BRUCE would probably win, but I'd fight hard for U2.  This debate has now become moot as we have brought the "kids" to their first concert, albeit in utero.  

I think we both agree that AC/DC was a fitting start to their concert going lives.  In fact, I managed to procure myself two souvenirs in a shameless ploy of a family portrait with our AC/DC onesies and the flashing devil horns as a Christmas card...once the purchases were actually made, I readjusted the all good salesmen do.  :)

The show was amazing.  We bought tickets months ago through a friend who works at the Rangers, and the seats were GREAT.  We were near the stage, the performers actually looked life-sized, and the people around us stood up for the entire show.  As I live with a man whose primary interests are music and sports, I knew way ahead of time that the band would be performing 18 songs and play around an hour and forty-five minutes. When we bought the tickets pre-triplets, I was a little disappointed by the length of the show, but as I have become the incredible napping machine with an 8 p.m. bedtime, the short show seemed to be a blessing. For the first few songs, I'd think, "one down, seventeen to go..." but very quickly I just got lost in the music and began to enjoy the ride.  The crowd really got going when they sang "Dirty Deeds" - which has always been a favorite of mine.  

About halfway through the show, the guy in front of us began chain smoking, and Bob and I looked at each other indignantly.  We had chosen to blast out the tiny ears of our three children in the name of rock n roll, but this second hand smoke thing was not in our plans.  Ironically, neither of us seemed concerned about the illegal substances we smelled floating through the air.  

As the concert ended and we headed to the car, we all began to discuss our favorite parts of the show.  Stephen was pretty happy that the cannons fired during "For Those About to Rock," and Bob couldn't have enjoyed "A Whole Lot of Rosie" any more than he did (and I swear that Rosie had the face of Hillary Clinton).  On the ride home, we made a pass by Whataburger to feed the triplets a milkshake and cheeseburger - you've got to start the post-concert traditions early.

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