Monday, January 19, 2009

The News We Had Been Waiting For

November 29th, the week we got our good news.

But before that, lets start from the beginning:

Angela and I first met in April of 2005. We were engaged that December and married the following July. July 22, 2006 to be exact. We lived in my bachelor pad in South Grand Prairie, TX. It was the perfect house for the two of us and we were very happy there. The following March we decided to just see what we could get for the house and if we could find our dream house. I don't think either one of us expected to move any time soon. Well, on July 24, 2007 we had moved into a house way too big for the two of us in Haslet, TX.

It had been a whirlwind for both of us and amazingly, everything we wanted in life since we met came to us easily. We were living the life. We decided it was now time to try to add some members to our family to fill the big ol' house we now owned.

Time passed with no luck. Each month went by and both of us got increasingly frustrated. By the summer of 2008 we decided to visit an OBGYN who specializes in fertility treatments. He tested us both and thought with just a little help, we could accomplish our goal in 3 to 6 months.

Things had come so easily up to this point, I kind of figured it was time we had some adversity in our lives.

November was our 3rd month of treatments and the frustration was hitting an all time high. Angela was on clomid which was supposed to help us ensure that I had targets to aim at. The doc told us this time that there were 6 targets getting ready for the launch pad. He thought that if I gave Angela a shot he prescribed on Friday, only one would drop and I had 2 shots at the target.

If I missed, then we'd have to go on to another doctor because he wasn't sure how to deal with us anymore.

So, I gave Angela the shot, took my shot at the goalie a day later with a follow up attempt 2 days later and then the waiting began.

We hit the Monday of Thanksgiving week. We were heading to LA on Tuesday to spend the holiday at my parents house. Angela was due to hit her period on Friday of that week but didn't want to wait that long to take the pregnancy test. She didn't want to be disappointed at my parents house.

So, she took the test a few days early and after several double takes, a re-reading of the instruction book (yes, I read an instruction manual for the first time in my life) we came to the conclusion that we were pregnant. The excitement was incredible. But for me personally I felt more relief than anything else. We did it. Finally. Now we could relax and start our family.

We made the decision to only tell our parents and wait until our doctor visit on December 15th to tell our siblings. Well, I made that decision, Angela had other ideas. It took 24 hours until all the siblings and even a friend of Angela's at work to find out about our happy news.

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