Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lazy Days of January

Every time I open my computer to do something constructive like play pyramids or search for Star Wars toys on ebay, a nagging guilt assails me.  I know that I should be spending a small fraction of that time updating the blog.  I really have the best intentions, but then Bob will ask me a question like "how old do you think Russell Brand is?," and I'm off searching the web for irrelevant facts or playing game after game of temple run.  In order to atone for my sins and make a mid-year resolution, I've decided to catch up on what's been going on in the Newhouse world for all my adoring fans (or at least my mother) by putting quick review of each month up and hopefully restoring the rhythm of blogging once again.  
Our first January in Florida alerted me to the fact that unless we go to Texas for Christmas, we will never need to buy winter coat - a good sweatshirt and a pair of jeans will do just fine.  January was fabulous for playing outside.  Here Ryan sports his mouse ears & "rock band" (lego star wars, but who needs to quibble) p.j.s as an acceptable out of doors attire.  Of course, this is the same child that ran outside completely nude to check the mail.  Thank God for safety locks.
My sweet Michael still loves that hat.  We spent a lot of January just the four of us since Bob was off doing all kinds of work things.  I'm not sure why, but apparently the musical instrument business is hopping in January.  I think Bob was home 7 days in January.  Jim and Kathy were still in Texas with Sue, and so the boys and I joined a playgroup through our multiples organization.  It has been a lifesaver.  I've finally got some Florida friends.
Benjamin Button, I mean James, checks the stocks on his iPhone.  It's time for the market to close in China, Mom, I've got to make some trades.
Ryan and the recurring sty in his eye.  Poor guy.  We ended up having to take a trip to the doctor for some much needed medication for this little beauty.  In the mean time, it gave him a sinister air that only a true mafiosi can cultivate.
I know that Michael has never seen Different Strokes, but I'm sure he's wondering what Willis is talking about.
The best part of triplet motherhood is the love.  My guys are always so sweet and loving followed by a swift wack in the head by a toy, but still the love is there.  Michael and his "Mr. A-tay-tuh Head" are virtually inseparable.  Lately, when they have something that has upset them, they get hugs from each other as often as they do from me.  It warms my heart to know our guys take care of each other.
While we practiced the arts of the brush, Daddy was in California hanging out with the Buffet Group.
Across from his booth, Stevie Wonder appeared (not Stephen Tyler, Faith - perhaps our most favorite Faith story of the last few months was when she asked Bob to get her some Stevie Wonder music to listen to because that's who she thought was a new judge on American Idol.  A while later, we were watching Stevie Wonder on the music channel on TV, and Bob said, "Faith, there's your boy, Stevie Wonder."  Faith, in a most shocked and aghast manner that is comical in only the way a twelve year old girl can be exclaimed, "Stevie Wonder's black?")  Not only that, he's blind, and Bob told me that some fool woman kept waving at him and expecting a response.  This one little tidbit of info could spark a rant of epic proportions, but I'll refrain.
Over the months, we've gone through phases in our TV addictions.  We love Dinosaur Train, Cat in the Hat, Super Why, Backyardigans, Wild Kratts, and most recently and obsessively, Umizoomi.  Regardless of our current passion, the toys are always in demand as James makes sure that all are aboard on the Dinosaur Train (also every overpass, hallway, or semi-enclosed throughway has become a "time tunnel.")
We don't limit our love of the glowing box to just TV shows, we love our movies too.  Toy Story 3, Winnie the Pooh (which has some fabulous dance numbers invented by the kids involving sticking out your tummy like Pooh), Cars 2, Mulan, Robin Hood, Sword and the Stone, and Lion King have been big players.  More recently, Daddy has shown us 5 of 6 Star Wars movies, and thus he has fully began the lifelong process of embracing nerd-hood but more on that later.
My favorite times of any day are when one of the kids (or all three of them) come hang out with Mommy for some cuddle time.  I am so lucky to have such loving little men, and every hug, kiss, smile, and conversation make me know that no matter what bills need to be paid, what needs to be cleaned or picked up, or how lonely I am for Daddy/Texas/me-time that my life is pretty fantastic.
Ryan is our biggest talker.  He will literally talk until he runs out of breath (which is never).  He continually discusses our trips to Disney, the beach, the books he's read, Star Wars, etc.  I am counting on him to keep talking.  Mommy is gonna need an informer.
When Bob is away, we tend to take lots of pictures of every day things.  Dinner, bath time, playing outside.  It seems that when I browse through our photos they are just the same things over and over with bigger kids.  I think it helps Daddy make it through those long days on the road, and I know our video chats are key for the kids.  I can't begin to count how many times Ryan has asked me "where's my dad?" in the last few months.  We go over to the map in the playroom and talk about where he is.  Bob told him that he had to go out of town to make him some money, so now Ryan asks "is my dad making me my moneys?"
Here are several of the great people from Buffet.  Bob's got such a nice group of people to work with, and we are very blessed to know them.  Most of his job involves hoofing it across the southeast in his mini-van with his phone attached to his ear, so it always makes me happy when he has a little bit of fun along with his work.

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  1. i'm so glad you are back in the blogging world. I know the nagging feeling and how hard it is to catch up. But it will be worth it:) Love the pics and stories (especially about the lady waving to Stevie!). We miss seeing you all!