Saturday, April 7, 2012

McQueens for a Day

In January, my favorite McQueens made a southern pilgrimage to the house of mouse.  We were so lucky that they took a day to come to Jacksonville to see us.  Despite the fact that it was a little chilly, we took the kids to the beach.  It was a fun day despite the bone chilling wind and freezing cold water.
Ryan and the Newhouse boys after a dip in the Atlantic.  It's hard to dig in the sand wrapped in a towel.
The McQueen Ladies and my best boy.
Molly and Nat - cheerleader & proud papa.
Sisters separated at birth who grew up in trailers in their grandparents' front yard.
Michael makes a castle, & Dee takes over the camera.  I've always been envious of her ability to take a great pictures.
Ryan and Moser no-longer-Poser.
Ryan gets serious about his work.  Dee and I both named our youngest child Ryan, and our middle children were born on the same day (a few years apart).  Poor Ian felt so horrible that he spent most of our day laying on the back seat of their van feeling like death warmed over.
Cold James and his pink nose.
Watch out Ryan, that sand angel is about to get a halo courtesy of Michael.
Best buds huddling together for warmth.
Sand sculptor extraordinaire.
Ryan and Molly take a turn passing the ball.
What a throwing technique.  Thank goodness Nat has good catching hands.
My papoose.
Ryan finds a puffer fish skeleton on the beach.  So much fun.
After the beach, we terrorized the local hidden gem - Chowder Ted's.  I think our (my) kids ran wild through the restaurant.  I'm pretty sure we might have gained a reputation.
Time for the McQueens to return to the Magic Kingdom - I think they might have a few stowaways in that van.
One last hug before they left.  We had such a good time with our McQueens.  I can't wait for us to get together again.

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