Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Boat Parade

In honor of Aunt Faith's last night in town with us, we took her and the kids to the Jacksonville Boat Parade.  Joseph and Faith were so kind as to watch the kids for us one evening so that Bob and I could go to dinner (our babysitters had been gone over a month at that point, and we were in desperate need of a little couple time).  While we were at the Jacksonville Landing, we learned about the boat parade.  It's a very cool idea in theory, but letting three two year olds loose in a crowd after bedtime with three tired people to chase them was not the best idea.  Sadly, I must claim it as my own.
James and Daddy watch the boats.  I tried to get some pictures of the boat parade, but they didn't really come out.
Michael takes a turn on Mommy's shoulders.
Daddy is not drunk, just the victim of bad photography and a Ryan facial massage.
For some insane reason (well, due to my cheapness - Sams Club had a sale on photo Christmas cards), I decided that I should try and make these tired, wound up, past bedtime children pose in front of the big Christmas tree.  It would have been an awesome picture, but this is about as good as it got - and it's pretty horrible.
James had no time for posing.  He needed to climb and explore.
Considering the squirming subjects, Aunt Faith did a pretty good job of getting this picture.  I'm pretty sure James will one day object to this photo.
After the failed Christmas tree attempt, I got an even more brilliant idea - let's take the boys picture standing on the staircase with Jacksonville in the background.  Yes, they did climb the stairs; no, they did NOT pause for a photo op.
The last attempt - we bribed the kids with juice boxes and had them sit on another set of stairs in hopes of getting a good picture.
They do look cute, but not Christmas card worthy.
The next morning, we gave Aunt Faith a triplet send off.  We had such a good time with both Faith and Joseph.  It was really nice to have family visit.  I like Jacksonville, but I LOVE my family.  Anytime we get to see them, it's a good time.

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