Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Animal Kingdom

Our second day at Disney was not quite as magical as the first day.  Having never taken two year olds to one amusement park, much less two, we did not know the cardinal rule of kids and amusement parks - there must be a rest day between parks - for both adults and kids.
Animal Kingdom was definitely a stroller worthy park.  I wish we hadn't spent so much time a the zoo prior to our trip.  The boys enjoyed the animals, but they see animals so often that they didn't really light up as much as we had hoped.
The safari ride was great.  The kids loved being in the big truck but were not big fans of the stay seated rule.
Aunt Faith was very excited about Animal Kingdom.  I think she enjoyed it more than the Magic Kingdom.
Like our first day at Disney, our camera was on the fritz so the early part of the day (when the battery had a full charge) was documented but as the day progressed the documentation lapsed.  The Animal Kingdom pretty much zapped my entire mojo by about noon, and the boys and I headed out around two.
Animal Kingdom has some very cool animals many of which are not at the Jacksonville Zoo.  Michael adores the "man-a-muls" and really loved seeing all of them.  Lately his favorite animals are the "nake" and the giraffe.
James spent most of the day racing.  He is still obsessed with all things racing - cars, horses, foot races, etc.  For the most part, it was okay, but he did manage to pretty much almost kill himself running through the line to the Bugs movie.  He close lined himself, fell on the ground and hit his head so hard that the lump made me worry that he might never recover.  Not only did the little man try and kill himself, he also managed to get lost while we were trying to figure out what to order for lunch.  It was a feeling of panic and fear I hope to never experience again.  Thank God Aunt Faith found him.  I could barely think I was so distressed.  Not too long after that, we rode our last ride and the boys and I headed back to the hotel.
I try not to take too many pictures of things without humans in it, but I felt compelled to throw in some of the fancy scenery rather than just the side of faces.
Ryan was in his same go-go-go self.  He loved the tigers (thus making his Uncle Joseph happy).  He did NOT want to sit down at lunch, and I almost lost him in the fountain a few times.  Regardless of my less than happy state, his spirit was not tamed.
Aunt Faith was an excellent shepherd.  She did manage to con me out of a chocolate mousse when we stopped for water.  I think that my view of the Animal Kingdom is a little jaded as my main memories are losing my child, being hot, tired, and irritable, and feeling like getting out of dodge.
Around Thanksgiving, the boys were fixated on the Lion King.  Probably what I thought was the best part of the day was the Lion King show.  The kids loved it.  All the singing, dancing, and flying acrobats enthralled them.  Bob and Faith went to the Finding Nemo show and said that we should have taken the kids to that as well.  I wish we would have done a little more research on Animal Kingdom and figured out what the best game plan was, but I didn't, so maybe next time.  I figure as Florida residents, we haven't taken our last trip to the mecca of the mouse.
After the boys and I left for the hotel, Bob and Faith had a great time.  Bob offered to let me hang with Faith, but I think by that point, I was not going to be much fun.  The boys ran amok in the hotel room, played on the playground outside our door, and had a great time being "free" to do what they wanted rather than being herded from one place to the next and forced to stand in line.
Bob and Faith had fun in the kiddie land petting zoo.  Faith spent the entire ride home telling us how she would wrestle an alligator to the ground and pin it down because the jaw muscles were much weaker when the gator's mouth was shut.  While in the petting zoo, Faith did not want to approach the goat to pet it, instead she waited for the goat to come to her.
When Faith was three or four, she was known for making rules.  The family went crabbing, and Faith came up with two rules: 1) Never touch a crab, else it'll bite and 2) Never put your hand in special water if there is an alligator in it, only put your hand in special water if there isn't an alligator in it.  She now has a third rule to live by: Wrestle an alligator, wait for the goat to come to you.

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