Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's Go Outside!

One of the boys' favorite activities is playing outside. They love running around, playing in the dog water, hanging out in the "ball pit," searching the skies for airplanes, and eating the seeds off the bush in the back (from the quantity of little round seeds ingested, I surmise that this is not a poisonous bush).
James hanging out in the pool. The boys love to drag it around the backyard when it's empty, and they like to dive into the balls when they are in the pool.
Michael checks out the gate. This backyard kid longs to take a spin around the front yard. Sadly, his mommy lacks confidence in her ability to keep him from playing in the traffic, thus he is relegated to stay behind the fence.
Ryan read to take that bush to task. Time to hide, eat some seeds, try out a few leaves, and enjoy a little hide and seek with his brothers.
Pool time.
Beautiful child.
This is one of my favorite pictures. I'm not sure why, but I just think it is 100% James and by association 100% cute.
Ryan getting close to the wall. He decided to lick the brick. He did it once, but his compadre found it very tasty and came back for a few licks.
Michael in the balls. Love to throw, love to dive.
James, still kissing the wall. When I sent this picture to Bob while he was on the road, he sent me a short but sweet email wondering what is wrong with our child. I told him brick tastes good.
Michael at the park.
Follow me!
Mugging for the camera.
Strike a pose.
Whoa, this thing moves!

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