Monday, December 13, 2010

The Plane, Boss, The Plane!

I am ashamed to admit, I started this post over a month ago and have never gotten around to finishing it. For some reason, having three one year olds running around the house has made me tired and unable to complete a variety of tasks that I should do much more frequently. I'm pretty sure the only thing that I do often is clean the kitchen and wash clothes between changing diapers and picking up toys. I am currently shirking my duties of switching out the laundry because then I'll have to fold all of those not-so-tiny-anymore clothes that will be back in the hamper before I can blink. But enough complaining, the kids will be up in a few minutes, and I'll miss my opportunity to post this if I don't get to it.
Dad & Grandpa take a backseat so that we could all go to the air show in one car. Next year, we'll just bite the bullet & pay the extra cash so that we can have a stroller or a wagon with us.
Daddy & Ryan making the long walk from the grassy knoll where we parked to the air show.
Uncle J.P. & Aunt Sue take charge of young master James. He enjoys a high-altitude view with Aunt Sue.
Grandpa's boy, a.k.a. Michael, gets a ride as well. Nothing quite like riding in style, although, I'm sure Michael was upset there was no easy access to hair. That child LOVES to touch hair.
The planes were big and loud, and the kids kept looking up into the sky and pointing at the planes. Since we've gone to the air show, the kids (especially Ryan) point to the sky every time they hear a plane. It started when the Blue Angels were practicing for the air show and buzzed the house, and now it's a constant quest to spot the planes.
Michael tries to convince Ryan to run around the air show and try to climb in and on everything in sight. Ryan agrees that Mom and Dad need to give a little chase.
Ryan, Grandma, & Daddy look for the planes in the sky. Notice that no matter how hard Mommy tries, Daddy refuses to set a good example by wearing a jacket.
The line to go inside the big plane. It was a long wait, but thankfully there were lots of planes zipping around above to entertain the kids.
Almost there. When we go out in public with the whole crew, Mommy gets a chance to take lots of pictures, but it does look like those little monkeys might be giving out good hugs.
Daddy and Michael. It was nap time, but I think Mikey just needed a cuddle from his daddy.
Ryan, ready for action, spies something he must run off and touch. Good luck keeping him contained, Grandpa.
The touching has begun!!! There were lots of strange and wonderful things to touch inside that big plane.
Michael takes a break from touching things to wear Grandpa's hat. Let's go Rangers, let's go! (This has become a frequent chant around our house - it started during the playoffs, and now the boys clap along and cheer, so I'm trying to keep it going until spring training when baseball will return to our lives and thus make our daddy extremely happy.)
Ryan thinks that climbing might be more fun than just sitting around looking at people.
Uncle JP gives James a good tickle. Nothing like a belly laugh from a toddler to make one's day a little brighter, and Mr. James is a great laugher. His laugh is infectious, and his hugs are to die for.
Michael shows his brothers the proper way to act when sitting upon taxpayer funded government property.
The triplets invade the cockpit. Luckily there were three chairs. Unluckily, there were LOTS of buttons, and if these kids know anything, it's how to push buttons.
Ryan decides that driving a car is for sissys when you can pilot a plane.
James, willing to drive anything, but wondering where exactly the steering wheel is.
James finds his steering wheel. This young lad is obsessed with cars. I blame Will Klein. James loves cars of all kinds. He likes to drive the real cars, his cozy coupe, push the toy cars around, and play with his race cars.
James keeps the wheel, but Michael and Ryan are coming to lay claim. I feel a Newhouse rumble coming on. Thanks Daddy for teaching us how to pin each other down and count to three. Wrestling is FUN!

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