Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Carving (Albeit Past Due)

I am truly behind on this chronicle of our lives as I am just now posting about carving our pumpkin when it's almost time to eat turkey, but the boys have gotten so active that I rarely find time to browse online and/or open the computer (also, I've been addicted to the Steig Larson books and spending my spare moments with the Swedes).
Ryan takes a taste of our pumpkin. It must pass the RCN test as he spent several minutes chewing on the top.
This face pretty much sums up what Michael thought of the whole pumpkin carving tradition/execution.
My main helper was my eldest child (who by the way has become a great hugger - he holds on tight and pats you on the back - LOVE IT!).
Ryan observes from his post with Aunt Sue.
Daddy tests out the pumpkin sound system. James found it quite delightful.
Aunt Faith scoops out the guts with the best of them. This year, she cut the nose all by herself (which was quite a feat for her and her control freak of a sister).
Michael spends some time with Grandma. I guess she's got the magic touch. Michael's happy, a Halloween Miracle.
The family observes the artistic carving that is taking place on the table.
James does some scooping of his own.
Mommy cuts, James scoops, it's the perfect pair.
Aunt Sue entertains the Ry-man.
James takes his pumpkin carving seriously (note the smattering of pumpkin guts on his brow). Tragically, this is the best picture I have of the pumpkin - I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished project. I also forgot to put it out for Halloween, and I forgot to light it up for the kids, so I guess this year just wasn't the year of the pumpkin at the Newhouses).

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