Friday, March 13, 2009

The Snoogle!

Last week Angela was having a tough time sleeping because her stomach is getting to the point where it just isn't comfortable anymore, carrying 3 kids and all. My parents were in town and we decided one day at lunch to get her a tummy pillow.

Angela had given me explicit instructions to only get the little wedge thing they had for $10 at Babies R Us. I told the guy at the store that and when I told him we were having triplets he said, she'll crush that little thing. It will do her no good.

So, he showed me the Snoogle which I knew the second I saw the price tag that I would get yelled at for it. I didn't hesitate for a second, I'll take the griping at me as long as she can sleep. I told my Dad as we left, you watch, I'm going to get hollered at for spending this much money. He said, why would she yell at you for trying to make her comfortable. I looked at him and laughed, silly wabbit.

Sure enough, I got hollered at but it took about 5 minutes that night for her to begin to expound the greatness of this pillow that went under her legs, stomach and her head.

The thing I liked and took me all of about 10 seconds to discover was that I can grab that thing from the top and drag her all around the bed since it has her locked in. It's great fun.

The thing is so huge I can even get up close to her and kinda share some of it. It's pretty comfy. Plus it's a lot of fun to play with when she gets out of bed. I've come up with about 25 different things to use it as, including but not limited to:

Elephant Trunk
the snake around Britney Spears' neck in the Slave video
an elephant trunk for the nether regions
a hook to yank Angela off the stage
a two pronged whack a mole mallet to knock Angela around from both sides
a jump rope

It's worth every penny, I tell ya.

This has been a paid advertisement from Leachco Snoogle Products (psst, Snoogle, we are still waiting for your check!)

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