Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkins on Parade

Since it's not quite Thanksgiving, I feel as though this post isn't too overdue (the lies we tell ourselves).  This year, trick or treating was so much fun!  Thanks to an over abundance of Halloween themed episodes of our favorite shows (which were shown over and over and over again), the boys, especially Ryan, were very excited about Trick or Treating.  Here they are posing with their pumpkins before taking off to score a neighborhood's worth of candy.
As always, I wanted to make sure the kids costumes embraced a theme.  We planned on being a rocket, a pirate, and an alligator to embrace the culture of our new home.  Sadly, the rocket was much to easily removed and a substitute fireman was purchased as a back up.  Michael was the alligator.  He like to put the hat on and off, but mostly it was off.
James was our pirate.  We bought this costume from ebay and it was a little small, so James laid claim, and we went with it.
Our trio headed out with their buckets.  It took about two seconds for the kids to realize that if they said trick or treat, they'd get candy.  By the end of the night, they were pros.  We hit all of the houses in our little neighborhood (we live in a cul de sac of cul de sacs), and by the time we made it home, those pumpkins were heavy.
James cracked us up.  Bob took his picture with the flash, and he acted like he'd been shot, throwing his arm over his face and stumbling backwards.  He was so dramatic that the family behind us cracked up.
It was a long walk, and before the night was over, everyone took a little ride.  Ryan's costume was the worst.  Since it was a one piece, he kept slipping all over.
James took a ride with Daddy.  He refused to let go of his pumpkin.  It's behind Bob's back.
Once we made it home, we dug into that candy.  They each had several pieces, and since then it has migrated around the house in a silver bowl that eagle eye Ryan keeps looking for.  I figure in the future, we probably will have to give them more of a cut of their candy, but for now, I'm trying to keep them from making the mistakes of their parents.  I know that fruit is just as sweet as candy but for some reason, I never make the right choice.  Hopefully if I push the fruit and limit the candy, they'll find fruit perfectly satisfying.  One can hope, right?
Ryan eating one of many suckers.  He scoots his step stool all over the house searching for happy halloween candy.  He'd eat the whole bowl in one sitting if I let him.
Note, the sweet tooth has an eye on Michael's candy.  Michael doesn't always like to eat candy.  He prefers things like chicken and yogurt.
Although, the occasional M&M is pretty tasty delicious.

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