Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hibachi and Hair Cups

A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I tried to find a place to take the kids for hibachi lunch.  Do not try this during the week - it was a fiasco, but we came back the next week on a Saturday for lunch.  The boys had a great time.  Ryan loved it.  He was fascinated by everything.  Michael didn't enjoy the show too much, but he loved the food, and James went from sitting straight up in his chair to leaning below the table.  Once I held him, he enjoyed the show somewhat, but all three of them loved the food (as did their mommy).  I think we'll go back again in a couple of months.  Since I haven't found a Mexican food restaurant here (where the hell do we live?), I might have to switch nationalities and go for the Japanese.
After our "tasty delicious" (Michael's new description of good food) lunch, we decided we had to go get the boys hair cut before they were no longer able to see.  I have to say, I do like the shaggy look, but every once in a while, you need a hair cut.  I called several places to see if they had openings and how much kids hair cuts were.  We found a shop that had no wait, and we headed over.  To say that we were the only pasty people to enter the doors of said "salon" this year is probably an understatement, but since we were there, we plopped the kids in the seats and said have at it.  One of the stylists little boys was amazed by the kids hair.  He kept calling it gold and touching it.  It was pretty funny.  The first time we got the boys hair cut, the stylist told the kids that he was going to use a race car to cut their hair and let the kids feel the vibration of the clippers.  Ryan was pretty nervous about the buzzing, so I told him the clippers were a race car.  He now walks around and tells people he got his "hair cup with a race car."  
After the hair cut, I pulled out an old picture of my dad.  The new hair do made me think of it.  I'm not sure if it's just me, but I think my James looks a wee bit like Robin Cain.  They definitely have the same smile and ears (although James did not cooperate with my attempt to take his picture with his grandpa and smile).  When I pulled the picture out, both Ryan and Michael pointed at it and said "James."  Michael looks a lot like Bob (especially those distinctive eyebrows), and I'm not sure who Ryan looks most like - I guess it depends on the day.
As my husband will attest, I have a somewhat obsessive personality.  Currently my obsession concerns the perfect Christmas ornaments to get for the boys (I have tried to get something unique each year so that when they grow up, they've got a collection of ornaments from their childhood - Bob swears they are not going to care - which is probably true, but maybe their wives will care - or at least I'll have them on my tree).  My previous obsession was our Halloween attire.  I know my time with costume selection is short, so I'm trying to make the most of it.  I like to have a "theme" because I'm a giant dork.  Their first Halloween was three dog night, last year was African Safari, and this year my intentions were to have a Florida theme complete with alligator, buccaneer, and rocket (NASA you live on in our hearts).
The pirate is by far the most popular costume.  All of the boys love pirates (I think it comes from being male and our book "Pirate Potty").
The alligator is also quite popular, and they love to put the head portion on and off.  I wish it was a little longer or had pants to go with it, but endless hours of ebay searching told me this was the best gator I could find.

The rocket was not my first choice.  I originally wanted to get the shark costume from Old Navy.  When I went to get it, they were out of the kids size, so I had to wait until the next week.  In the mean time, we went to Target, and James was attracted by the rocket ship.  He tried it on and refused to take it off, so it came home with us.  As soon as I cut off the tags, the boys started refusing to wear it.  It slides on and off so easily that they don't wear it for long.  Ryan (always on the move) was in the process of escaping the rocket during picture time.  
Due to the unknown performance of the rocket on the big day, I purchased a spare costume from ebay.  Here Michael models the fireman which is also popular amongst all three.  Ryan loves fire trucks, so I can see him choosing fireman over rocket, but who knows what the actual line up will be.  
Despite hair cups and costumes, the biggest thing happening in our world is the World Series.  Last year, Bob and I had a chance to go.  We would love to have gone this year, but it's MUCH cheaper to watch it on TV.  At the game we went to, we went on a shopping frenzy that could have easily made a car payment.  Ironically, we both decided to purchase stuff only for the kids.  We got them antlers, a Rangers outfit that has been worn to pieces, and three kid size jerseys.  I pulled out the antlers and jerseys for the World Series.  The kids love the antlers.  James especially likes to spin around watching them flap in the breeze.  Tonight, he wore the antlers to bed.  Go Rangers!

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