Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Go Wild! Aunt Faith Turns 12

The last week of August was a pretty crazy week for the Newhouses.  On Thursday, the packers came, Friday, they loaded up the truck, and Sunday we woke up at 3 a.m. and started our two day drive.  Saturday was a special day, Aunt Faith turned twelve.  We put a halt to the moving stuff, and the family spent the day celebrating the birth of our youngest aunt.
Ryan was very excited that Aunt Faith picked the Dallas Zoo to kick off her special day.
Michael knows that all good trips to the zoo involve the proper head gear.  The boys now cheer for the Rangers by name much to the delight of their father.
James eagerly anticipates all the fun to be had by seeing the "manamals" at the zoo.
First stop, PENGUINS!
James is bigger than some penguins but not quite up to Emperor standards.
Aunt Faith is still trying to prove she can hang with the big kids.  She and Mandy are rivals for shortest member of the family (excluding the two year olds).
The family humors me for a posed group shot or two in front of the penguins.
Early in the day, it was quite pleasant, but as the day progressed, it got very hot, and there were NO stands selling drinks and treats scattered randomly around the zoo.
My little monkeys check out the baboons.

Photo ops on the metal elephants on the way to see the real elephants.
James and Grandma strike a pose.
Studied indifference coupled with the girl with the blue shoes.
Aunt Mandu raises the roof.
James allows Aunt Faith to ride upon his bronze steed.
Michael loved riding the elephants.  We had to con him off to see the real thing.
Ryan and Daddy watch the elephants taking dirt baths.  Mommy is pretty sure that sometimes her boys take a few dirt baths while she isn't looking.

The girls and the triplets pose for a picture with the real elephants.
James really enjoyed seeing the cheetah.  Here he's asking for a cheeto.
Not only was James hungry, so were the giraffes.  Ryan was a pro at feeding them.
Ryan demonstrates the lettuce reach.
Michael follows suit and gives the giraffe a snack.
Aunt Faith was a little scared of that black tongue and acted like she was two rather than twelve, but we still love her despite her lack of skills at feeding giraffes.
Checking out the cheetah one more time.
The triple threat pushes the other kids out of the car and takes over.  There is power in numbers despite some Mommys trying to make them share/be patient.
Aunt Faith performs her role as supervisor while Ryan mans the wheel.
Michael feels the gorilla skulls.  He really liked seeing the "big monkey."
Wild life in captivity (or the fancy monkey house).
Grandma and Michael on the monorail.  The kids loved seeing all the animals although the grown ups were a little nervous about the kids walking about in the moving car.
Ryan, very thirsty, drinks some lemonade.
Michael and Daddy enjoy the sights.
Ryan looks as hot and tired as the rest of us felt.
Aunt Faith and James looking at the fauna.  After the monorail, we found the kids part of the zoo.  No one warned Mommy that there was water.  Let's just say that it was a wet experience combined with tired hungry kids, exhausted parents, and an Aunt Faith who was determined to ride a camel.  We escaped the water nymphs, found a picnic table, and waited for the rest of the crew to return.  While we were waiting, a cougar attempted to eat James and Michael.  After the camel ride, the gang loaded up and headed out for Haslet.  We had a big family dinner at Olive Garden followed by cake at Grandma & Papa Joe's.
Aunt Faith and her cake.  Poor thing only got one piece as we swept her away at 4 a.m.  She returned home today, maybe somebody put her a piece in the freezer.

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