Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pumpkin & Mykayla

In the last few months, the boys have become obsessed with horses. I think it started with their ride-on horse that Grandma & Papa Joe got them for Christmas, and it has been exacerbated by parental indulgence, the gambling channel, and the horse race iPhone ap. Lainie, Ryan's godmother and my very good friend, is a lover of all things equine. She recently had a beautiful baby girl (the first among that circle of my friends - we were an all boys club for the last five years). A couple of days before Miss Mykayla Jo Ereno came into the world, the boys and I stopped by to drop off some freezer meals, & Lainie endeared herself to my children by taking them on pony rides on Riley's pony, Pumpkin.
The first greeting. Michael looks a little apprehensive, and James is already trying to figure out how to climb aboard.
Ryan gets the first turn. He was very good at riding Pumpkin, and Pumpkin was extremely tolerant of my little guys lack of pony experience.
James, ever studious, checks out exactly what Lainie is doing. After his turn, he had to help her hold the guide rope.
Michael, a wild pony rider on his plastic pal, is a bit unsettled by a pony that moves and doesn't have handles. Luckily, Uncle Joseph is there for reassurance.Having had a triplet pregnancy where I was concerned about things such as the length of my cervix and the number of contractions I was having (the contractions started early - around week 23 or 24), the concept of a pregnant woman being able to actually do things and move around is completely foreign to me. Lain was such a trooper, leading the boys around and making us lemonade.
We saw Lainie at the boys' birthday party three weeks earlier, and when I saw her on the "Pumpkin Day," I was shocked at how much she'd grown. Beautiful baby Mykayla was a scale busting 11 lbs 8 oz. No wonder Lain looked so large and in charge!
The boys loved Lainie's house, and they didn't want to leave. James cried for a good five minutes after leaving chanting "horse, horse, horse." It was wonderful to see her pre-baby, but we did miss seeing Riley. It was probably for the best, because I'm not sure how he would have reacted to three sets of hands rifling through his toys at the same time.
A couple days later, sweet Mykayla made her way home from the hospital, and I was able to swing by and see her and her wonderful parents. It was nice that I got there before bedtime and got to see my little godchild, Riley. He is a very good big brother. He's five years old, and about to start kindergarten. Since Zach & I are five years apart, I think that this is a great age gap between him and his little sister. I hope that the two of them grow up as close as Zach and I have.
BIG YAWN! Even though Miss M was a large and in charge little lady, she is much, much lighter than my 30+ pound boys. She is so sweet and cuddly. I was a little concerned that getting to hold her would make me want to have another one, but Bob can rest easy, because as sweet as she is, my womb is definitely closed for business. I'll just have to visit as often as possible to get those good baby snuggles.
John, attempting to train Mykayla in the ways of Dr. Pepper love. I wouldn't be surprised if her first words were "I'm a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?"
Chubby cheeks. I told Lainie that I was extremely impressed with her womanly prowess. Mykayla weighed more than my two biggest babies put together, and she made her way out so quickly, that she had to spend a little time in the NICU getting the amniotic fluid out of her lungs. She is so wonderful, and I can't wait to go back and see her and her fantastic mama!

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