Monday, July 18, 2011

Triple the Parties for Triplets

This year, the boys had three birthday cakes. One on their actual birthday, one when Daddy came home, and a Yo Gabba Gabba party with their (our) friends. We started their birthday with a phone call & video chat with Daddy then a trip to the doctor.
The boys did so well at the doctor. I am a full devotee of the iphone/ipod entertainment for triplets in public. It doesn't always work, but it definitely does help keep things under control. Everybody managed to get on the scale this time without any major meltdowns, and they all are doing great. From the doctor's office, we swung by Target to pick up some diapers then headed home for lunch and cake with the family. Instead of getting three separate cakes, I got one cake and three cookies. We put the candles in the cookies and sang Happy Birthday.
Michael admires his two candles. By the time all the birthday festivities were over, he was running around shouting "cake, cake, cake!" and singing "happy to you."
Ryan, due to his paranoia over hot things, has perfected his blowing technique. Here he demonstrates his skills on his candles (of course, his candles are pushed back so as to prevent him from touching the "hot" on top of the candles).
James, ever the observer, put into practice all of his birthday skills gleaned from watching Yo Gabba Gabba's birthday episodes. He was the first to finish his cookie. Michael didn't even touch his, and James had completely consumed his cookie in about two seconds flat.
After nap time, the whole family (minus Bob) headed out to Lone Star Park. The boys love the horses and the band, so it was like a dream come true for them to be able to run around the park, listen to music, and see those beautiful "heeeeses" run.
Aunt Mellie and Pam met us at the track. Mommy loves it when they come to play with us. I just sit back and relax while the two of them put in a ton of effort to round up our three little monkeyshines and show them a good time.
...and they're off! Ryan decided that the horses get into a choochoo before the race, so this combines his two favorite things, horses and trains.
Michael studies the racing forms with Grandpa and Aunt Sue.
Grandma & Aunt Faith take the boys for a spin around the dance floor. We definitely have rock and roll babies as they really didn't enjoy dancing to the country songs, but throw out a little life in the fast lane, and they danced like dervishes.
Grandma & Ryan watch for the return of the horses. While the tractors drug the track, one of the operators waved at Ryan. He was pretty ecstatic about the whole exchange.
On Sunday morning, Daddy flew home from Tennessee, so we celebrated with a Cars cake. By this point, the boys were really getting into the whole candles, cakes, singing routine.
Michael likes chocolate cake. Not so much with the vanilla, but the chocolate is number one.
Ryan will eat any "cakey" available.
The boys used their cars to remove the icing from the cake and place it into their "mouths." James was very fond of this method of icing delivery.
Ryan must have missed his mouth a couple of times. Black and blue icing are quite atrocious when it comes down to it.
Michael steals James's pacifier for a little birthday fun.
James continues the car to mouth experience. Let me just say that Mommy was not so pleased with the results of this delivery system.
We opened a few presents. Here Ryan admires the Plex keyboard.
James enjoyed unwrapping the presents. Who cares what's inside the package, let's just take it out of the bag.
Michael spends some quality time with the trains Momo sent the boys.
On Saturday, we had a big party for the kids with our friends. It was so much fun to see everyone and celebrate our three miracles. We had a Yo Gabba Gabba party, so I decorated the house with tons of cut outs from the Nick Jr. website. It was much cheaper to buy a little cardstock and some walmart plates. It is virtually impossible to find YGG stuff in the stores, and I was unable to bring myself to pay $3.50 plus shipping for 8 plates. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of money they wanted for things like placemats and centerpieces.
The boys admire their cake. We gave each young man a set of candles to blow out. They did such a good job. All those practice runs really paid off.
Preparation for blowing during the singing.
Thanks to Pastor John for this shot. I sometimes get so focused on pictures of the kids that I forget to include all of the people involved in making things run smoothly.
After the festivities, we left our bounce house behind and headed to the Haslet parade. The boys enjoyed seeing the floats and by the end of the parade, they had figured out that they should pick up the candy being flung their way.
The city of Haslet had jump houses with slides that made our jump house seem somewhat dull. Faith & her friend Emmie escorted the boys through the maze of big kids and down the slide.

We ended the day with fireworks (big sparkles in the sky that make loud noises). Michael fell asleep during the fireworks, James needed his ears constantly covered, and Ryan oohed and ahhed for us. The boys had a great birthday, although there was a major loss of a pacifier - we are down to only one now. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. I'm not sure how we're going to top it next year.

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