Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fast Times on Austin Stone

Life has gotten a wee bit nuts in the last few weeks. As of February 1st, Bob has a new job which requires a lot of travel. He'll be out of town for 12 of the first 14 days of February. The boys and I miss him terribly. Last night, I decided that the joys of sleeping in the middle of the bed were somewhat diminished by Bob not being here to gripe about it. I'm sure that it's been crazy busy for Bob since we hardly get to talk. Thank goodness for email. I try to send lots of pictures and videos of the boys (making good use of my upgraded iPhone birthday present), but I know that it's hard on a daddy to be away from such cute kids for so long. When we have managed to video chat, the boys try to grab at him through the computer. I've been very blessed that my grandma and my mom have been spending lots of time helping me. I'm pretty sure when Grandma goes home, I'll be missing that extra pair of hands and company. Thankfully, Mom and Faith are around a lot since they live close.
James cracks me up. This is a priceless face. What a ham!
Michael still loves to jump in his crab jumparoo (thanks Kendra!). He bounces himself to sleep, and then he'll jump in his sleep ever once in a while. It's so sweet to watch.
Ryan is busy and into everything. He has been fascinated by the big buttons on Grandma & Mom's sweaters. He still loves to hang upside down. His second tooth is still coming in (very slowly). It's such a small bit of tooth that I call it his toothpick.
All of the boys enjoy playing. They are zooming around the house in their jeeps, sitting up playing with toys, fighting over the same toy, and chewing on everything they can get their little hands on. We are getting closer and closer to crawling, but luckily, they just seem content with rolling around to get places - usually the tv area. Bob and I are definitely going to have to invest in a tv stand with glass doors otherwise all of that expensive equipment is definitely at risk.

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